C. Raymond Gray
Birthplace -Tuskegee, Alabama

He's one of twenty children. For as long as he can remember, Mr. Gray has had a keen interest in the wild and the mysteries hidden deep in the forest. At times as a boy, he would play in the woods all day while observing the ways of animals. The way nature worked together amazed him even more. This fueled his already vivid imagination as he grew. What he learned allows him to weave the most amazing stories. Over the years, his stories have blossomed into many wondrous tales. Mr. Gray has been: a star athlete, teacher, poet, inventor, storyteller, businessman, and now an author; however, of all these, storytelling is his favorite. Oftentimes, he can be seen in classrooms or on stage telling stories of folklore about history's legends and the days of old. To date, his stories have been enjoyed by thousands of students, parents, and teachers alike. At their request, Mr. Gray has begun to bring his stories to life in print. "The FunGkins" is his debut book.
To contact Mr. Gray send an email to me@craymondgray.com