The Battle for Halladon

With the evil Leprechauns (The Shangaar) hot on their trail, who would ever guess that the fate of the Littlest People would fall on the shoulders of a 10-year-old human girl named Clara Gooday? Her unwavering belief in the Littlest People may be the very thing that saves The FunGkins and all of Halladon from a fate worse than death.

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Giving Back

Author C. Raymond Gray is under contract to A Zebra Press LLC/A Z P Books Publishing House Inc., and he has pledged a percentage of the proceeds from every book sold to help the fight against Breast and Children’s Cancer, namely to The American Cancer Society and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. He as well as we at A Zebra Press are passionate about these causes. We at A Zebra Press LLC pledge that as our company grows, so shall our umbrella of giving. Those charities would include such organizations as The World Food Program, Water For Life, Feed the Children, and The After School Hunger program to name a few.

Giving Back